Dee Andalkar, Sarabraj





Meet Dee

Dee has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teachings of yoga for over 10 years. Her enthusiasm has led her to the roots of this ancient wisdom, where she studied yoga, Ayurveda (sister science of yoga) and yogic history and culture in Pune, India.

Inspired by teachings and a desire to serve others, she specializes in classes that highlight preventative wellness with the healing art of aromatherapy. Dee's goal is to help her students find and maintain peace of mind, body and soul.



Yoga Synthesis with Raji Thron, Ringwood, NJ
Yoga Therapy and Abyhanga Massage, Pune India
Ayurveda Certifcation, University of Pune, India
Ancient Ayurveda Yoga Series, Ayurveda-Yoga Institute
Current study: Aromatherapy Certification


Prasdini, Dee's Spiritual Name, meaning "serenity, grace, gift from god"


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